TyranoBuilder: The New Visual Novel on the Block

A long, long time ago, I made a blogpost on TyranoScript:


So, fast-forward to a couple of years later, and it has evolved into TyranoBuilder, a fully-functional visual novel creation suite. Do check it out on the link below:



Chiitrans Lite Tutorial

A good lightweight alternative to Visual Novel Reader. Recommended if you are impatient and want to read Japanese untranslated visual novels immediately. Well, I’ll be trying this out on Eiyuu*Senki, haha.

Adumbrate & Resilient Love

Chiitrans and Chiitrans2 development has been abandoned and Chiitrans Lite was born. Unlike its predecessors there are no script replacements used except for names and it doesn’t support other languages except English.  Nonetheless, it’s quite light and easy to use. It’s developed by alexbft and uses a modified VNR engine.

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Visual Novel Oddities: Rose Blood ~Chi no Kawaki~

With the Japanese version released in 1996 by Aaru for the PC-98 and a year later for Windows, one of the biggest mysteries about Rose Blood ~Chi no Kawaki~ the release of the English version. Some sources state that it received a separate release, while others believe it was included in a dual-language release alongside the Japanese version. Whatever it is, an English version does in fact, exist.



If you have any info on the mysterious English release, do post in the comments below. Check out Rose Blood ~Chi no Kawaki~ on VNDB.

New Downloads Added!

Pretty much a boring day for me, but otherwise I’ve uploaded a few more visual novels on my blog (Japanese language ONLY):

For the guys:
SkyFish X’mas Present: Previously only available during X’mas period.

For the girls:
Cage -Fool-: Previously only available during April Fools’.
Osu-Boys!! ~Ikemen Ryoujoku ☆ Paradise~: Same as above.

As usual, they’re on the Windows Visual Novel Downloads section.

April Fools!

I’ve recently added new sections on the right sidebar of this blog of mine. The “Visual Novel Downloads” contain freeware which are relatively hard to find around the internet. And as of this post I’ve included a few Windows visual novels that were only available during April Fools’ Day.

For the galgamers:
Shakadou-san no Jun’ai Road (EN/JP)
Rojiura SATSUKI Chapter Heroine Sanctuary (JP)

For otome gamers:
Fate/Knight Rhapsody (EN/CH)
Psychic Rain (JP)

They can be found in the Windows section. Happy gaming!

Enable Access to All Japanese Visual Novel Sites

Ever tried going to a website to check out a visual novel (such as Alicesoft) and ended up getting this?

hola 1

Here’s an easy solution to bypass that, using “hola!”

1. Go to hola.org using your preferred browser.

2. Download the program/extension and follow the installation instructions.

3. Once done, change your server to Japan, and visit the visual novel site again.

4. You’ll get something like this:

hola 2

Happy surfing!

Testing Out New Service

I’m currently trying out a new service where I can help with requests to order doujins/games/others through websites such as DLSite Japan and DL.Getchu.com, which are notoriously hard to register  for gaijins due to the heavy amount of moonspeak. If you’re interested in getting something from these websites then do check out this link here:


Visual Novels and Extraction Tools + Galge in My RPGs

Lately I’ve been collecting tools that can extract CGs and sprites from visual novels. So for the next couple of texts in here I’ll be talking about tools for the most common VN engines currently.

Popular among doujin circles in the early days, before it was phased out by KiriKiri2. Games that use this engine include Higurashi and Tsukihime.

The most widely used VN engine by doujin circles and even some commercial developers. Games such as G-Senjou no Maou and Dracu-Riot! use this engine.

Very popular engine used most often by western VN developers. Games that utilize this engine include Katawa Shoujo and Sugar’s Delight.


On a side note, this script for RPG Maker VX Ace is really awesome for visual novel-style games: Saba Kan’s Galge Conversation System

TyranoScript and English Translation

TyranoScript is a visual novel engine that has high compatibility with KAG3 / KiriKiri2 games. Best of all, it runs with HTML5 and Javascript, meaning it will run on just about any device you can think of. (Android, iOS, Windows etc.)

Here’s the link to the official webpage:


And here’s the English translation: