Steins;Gate 8-bit on a Gameboy & a Calculator

calc84maniac has ported Steins;Gate 8-bit to the original Gameboy and the TI-84+CSE Calculator. 0.40 covers the first 4 scenarios of the game (out of 7); but he plans to finish the rest of the game. He’s done a very good job porting them faithfully; so do take a look at his works and try them out!

Link to the Gameboy version here:

Video preview of the TI-84+CSE Calculator version below:


Visual Novel Oddities: Rose Blood ~Chi no Kawaki~

With the Japanese version released in 1996 by Aaru for the PC-98 and a year later for Windows, one of the biggest mysteries about Rose Blood ~Chi no Kawaki~ the release of the English version. Some sources state that it received a separate release, while others believe it was included in a dual-language release alongside the Japanese version. Whatever it is, an English version does in fact, exist.



If you have any info on the mysterious English release, do post in the comments below. Check out Rose Blood ~Chi no Kawaki~ on VNDB.