Compatibility List for Kirikiroid2

I’ve compiled a list after nearly a week’s worth of testing on the Kirikiroid2 app for Android. Take note that this is for English-translated visual novels only. This is by no means complete; feel free to post a comment if you want to add on to the list.

Kirikiroid 2 Compatibility List


22 responses to “Compatibility List for Kirikiroid2

      • Yeah when I try to install that I’m given a ridiculously large list of permission that it wants. Some of them may even apparently cost me money :/ did you get the same thing and should I ignore it?

      • Well when using the link you posted and downloading through the orange box with a rocket. I’m brought to the install notification on my phone asking for permissions on my device. The app seems to want access to everything including calls and texts which gives me a notice that I may be charged as a result :/

      • I’ve been looking all over the place to see whether or not anyone else is getting these same prompts. You said that you didn’t when you installed it last. If it’s not too much trouble could you try it to see if you get a similar request now? I really want to play hallow ataraxia and there is no god damn answer on the internet for me xD

  1. Dude i need some little help i already bought the Kirikiroid2 but im having a problem about the games, i download the imouto ijime one and when i install in my pc it say syntax error and i cant even run the game, if i copy the game folder that hasnt work on my pc and transfer it to my Device will it work? please i need an Help someone kindly,,.. Please.

  2. and more over that thank you so much, past last several days i tried to download applocale and create the imouto ijime shortcut rename it to (imoutoijimerun) and it run but i forgot to transfer it to my USB/SD card, and after that im going to try if it going to run on my phone.

  3. And i download the imoutijime game on erogedownload and i think im missing this files? (bgimage.xp3 fgimage.xp3 scenario.xp3 rule.xp3 sysimg.xp3) i need this file to run it on kirikiroid isnt it? cause when i extract the game from erogedownload i dont have those file and i only had was the patch.xp3 sigh

  4. is there any way i can change my pc local to japanese? i think that’s only problem sigh,cause my sister wont turn her PC deepfreeze off so i can change my system local on japanese and i can play so many eroge game and transfer it on my phone.. do you have any idea dude?

  5. I am trying to get g senjou to work on my android device, i installed the patch and when i use kirikiriod2 to select the data.xp3 file it loads up then crashes back to my android screen. Is there something im missing?

    • Usual problems would be:
      1. your phone’s specs are too low;
      2. KitKat android OS and above have problems reading game data from sdcard, so you have to transfer the game to phone memory;
      3. some games actually require you to select the .exe file instead of data.xp3;
      4. try clearing the save data.

  6. Can we have an update for this? The latest version now is 1.2. Hopefully, there are going to be new games in the compatible list.

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