TyranoScript and English Translation

TyranoScript is a visual novel engine that has high compatibility with KAG3 / KiriKiri2 games. Best of all, it runs with HTML5 and Javascript, meaning it will run on just about any device you can think of. (Android, iOS, Windows etc.)

Here’s the link to the official webpage:


And here’s the English translation:



8 responses to “TyranoScript and English Translation

  1. hey sakamoto

    i just got a question on facebook:
    “a question regarding the Steins Gate Visual Novel on the Android devices. Is there any sort of English Patch released out there? Because i saw a video on youtube ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJB-MOKu2iE ) where the guy is playing it with an english translated patch. Is there a similar one for the Android? As i really want to play this Visual Novel on my phone
    All info about this would be greatly appreciated and thank you for your time ^__^ “

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