Katawa Shoujo on Android. For real.

Somebody apparently managed to port Katawa Shoujo to Android devices, which is a feat, considering the layout of the files and scripts are unlike usual Ren’py visual novels.

Get it here: http://pastebin.com/ZyRkVY5W


One response to “Katawa Shoujo on Android. For real.

  1. http://ogaso.ru/72-katawa-shoujo-for-android-games-four-android.html

    This Is The Link For Torrent. Its The Same File, Just That Someone Reuploaded It Into A Torrent For Faster Downloads. Right-Click COPY The URL Link At The Word ‘Get This Torrent’ And Add It To Your Torrent Downloader Manually. I Used Utorrent But Other Torrent Downloaders Should Work The Same.

    – Copy the obb file to /Android/obb/vn.katawashoujo/ on your external storage device,
    usually an SD Card. Create the folders if they don’t exists. Delete obb files from previous versions.
    (If you don’t copy the obb file or if you copy it to the wrong location you will be greeted with the message
    saying “Download failed because the resources could not be found” when you launch KS)
    – That’s it, launch KS

    If You’ve Done It And It Still Doesnt Work Try Doing What I Did.

    Copy the obb file to /Android/obb/vn.katawashoujo/ on your external storage device, And Do It The Same In Your Internal Storage.
    It Should Be Like This When Done…

    -External Storage: /Android/obb/vn.katawashoujo/main.7.vn.katawashoujo.obb
    -Internal Storage: /Android/obb/vn.katawashoujo/main.7.vn.katawashoujo.obb

    I Did This And It Finally WORKED For Mine After 3days Of Trying Out Other Methods When The Original Method Failed.

    Have Fun Guys! >.<

    – I Do Not Own Anything Btw Just Helping Out.

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