DOS Visual Novels on Android

What you need:

1. DosBox Turbo and DosBox Manager
2. A DOS visual novel
3. Some basic knowledge of cmd

How to install:

1 – Download and install DosBox Turbo and DosBox Manager from the Google Play market. (It’s quite cheap at less than $3)

2 – Download a DOS visual novel (you can find some here:

3 – Extract the game’s folder into your Android device’s sdcard “dosbox” folder. For this tutorial, I’ll be using Runaway City as an example. Apply the same rules if you plan to install other DOS visual novels.

4 – In the DosBox Manager menu,create a new profile and name it “Runaway City”.

5 – Press and hold on the renamed icon, then click on “Edit Config”. Then in that menu, go to “DosBox Settings”.

6 – Then go to “Autoexec” menu and click on it.

7 – Here’s the toughest part; you will need some experience in running DosBox on Windows or Mac. Mount c:/ as your sdcard, change directory to your “dosbox” folder, cd into the folder that contains Runaway City, then run the .exe file. This guide will benefit you greatly:

8 – Adjust other settings according to your phone / tablet’s specs. Set Audio Freq Rate to 16000 Hz, any higher will cause the sfx to produce cracking sounds.

9 – Enjoy! Like I said before, this hack is pretty difficult to get it right the first time. Even I have problems writing this tutorial.


12 responses to “DOS Visual Novels on Android

  1. There is another way to play visual novels on android, with something called Limbo Pc emulator, I got windows 95 working, although I could not get True Love working, although it might work with newer versions of windows. It is a bit complicated, but totally worth it

      • Already tried that, apparently true love does not like windows 95, something about a c library runtime error, no details provided

      • Hmm odd. I’ve seen videos of Win 95 games running on Android Dosbox by adding the game files into the image without installing them. You may find better luck checking around Youtube. I’m not sure if saving will still work in TL95 though, even if it works.

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