Spanking New Windows Tablet

I was lurking around my local forums and I happened to saw a really cheap 2nd-hand Windows Tablet for sale. So I bit the bullet and bought the item. The seller was really nice and accomodating to let me try it out a little before I satified. And satisfied I was.

My new Viewsonic Viewpad tablet running on Windows 8 beta OS. Battery life pretty average, but running visual novels for up to 3 hours is quite good for me. Now the amount of VNs I can play while in the bus or train just got increased ten-fold šŸ˜€


5 responses to “Spanking New Windows Tablet

  1. Yo!Can you tell me how you got Your Vn’s working? I myself have onscripter but i have no idea how to convert the data into working with onscripter

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