Going Into Android Development

I’ll be quite busy in the next few months, so you won’t see me post too often in this blog. (Don’t worry, there’s still a few hacks I’ve yet to post in here, including running DOS and Ren’py visual novels on Android devices)

Speaking of Android, I’ll be getting a developer’s account in Google Play. This is mainly to promote English freeware visual novels and also my own visual novel (which is still in development phase). I’m currently outsourcing like a madman trying to get English original VNs out in the Marketplace. So far I’ve got one, but a few more wouldn’t hurt~


4 responses to “Going Into Android Development

    • Hmm, there WAS one, Otoshima ~Shoujo Kouryaku Hen~, unfortunately it was removed from the Google Play market. I managed to buy it beforehand and am trying to patch it so that the license check is removed (but it’s so… difficult~).
      Currently, I’m working with a few other guys on an English patch of the Deardrops trial version for Android. If I have time I’ll make a post on it soon.

      On a side note, iOS has Kira-Kira and Gift in English versions on its App Store. Gift has since been removed, possibly due to the amount of horrid English typos. Steins;Gate has a fan translation as well.

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