The Elevator and Jupiter’s Knot

Today I tried out two Ren’Py visual novels on my Android device, as I’m still practicing programming ports to Android.

I really liked the sudden twist in the story with The Elevator, made by Cyanide Tea. The dark vibes and suspense really brings it all together. I recommend playing this, but I wish it was more fleshed out and expanded. The art is a refreshing change from Japanese VNs, and it’s one of the better Western VNs out there. Plus, it’s FREE.

Also try out Jupiter’s Knot, a Kinetic Novel by Dischan. I haven’t played it much (still playing as I’m typing this), but I read some rave reviews on this.

EDIT: A REALLY touching story. I greatly recommend it, considering I don’t fancy kinetic novels much. Great storytelling, with an tint of Old English language used to add depth to the setting.

One thing common about these two: Yay for widescreen 😀


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