About xclannad and iOS5 crashes

I noticed a lot of end-users tried out xclannad with their iOS 5 devices and experienced crashes. So I tried on my iPod Touch with firmware 5.

Turns out, it crashed on me too. =.=

Apologies to you guys, but I guess you need an older firmware (4 is recommended) to actually even run this thing. Newer firmware seems to have issues with this app.


19 responses to “About xclannad and iOS5 crashes

    • did you ever have the problem with the game images only appearing after dragging the shelf menu down and back up? many others and i have this problem on 5.1.1, and it is the only thing keeping us from getting it to work 100% 😦

      • Got Clannad working on iPhone 4 (5.1.1), had fun reading it all over again. Tried Little Busters and EX today but both seem to stuck on white screen when the app loads when using the optimized “seen.txt” and when using the original seen.txt, as expected, only black screen, not loading at all, but no crashes though. Wonder how you were able to bypass this with dragging notification bar up and down cause it didn’t work for me at all and especially how Alex got it, cause the only solution I can see now is tweaking seen.txt myself _(._.)_

      • Nvm, finally got it working on iPhone 4 and iPad 2 (iOS 5.1.1). Got voices, English pictures, burned .ass on Mov file and a slightly reduced font so it properly fits the lines and the proper icon and string as a bonus. Might as well upload the whole thing tomorrow after some further testing, just wondering either I should compress music files first cause it makes 1GB difference.

        Although pretty old I used this tutorial http://www.salburg.net/old/clannad.html (also listed on this site) to recreate xclannad with a proper string and permissions and iFunbox to transmit the files.

      • It would be good if you could upload the edited files. The old method for xclannad is still pretty easy for me to mess up, even though I follow it step by step :3

      • Not sure if my last message didn’t come through.

        If it did, Sakamoto, did you have any chance download and test it out and if you have played LB on iOS in the past could you tell me how good the baseball matches worked in the past or did you have to skip them. Not sure if the driver is just failing or I screwed up something while compiling

  1. The game doesn’t auto refresh on my iPad 2 5.1.1. i have to lock and unlock and it is such a pain ;( please! somebody, anybody. fix this if you can

  2. I am runnibg an iphone 4 ios 6.0.1 and it works perfectly fine. Tried out borh clannad and little busters EX and works perfectly. If you get a white screen, you must check if you set each and every one of the files permisions to 0777

      • I’m using an iPod Gen 4. This hack works on iPod Touch and iPhone Gen 4 or later, and iPad Gen 3 or later. Basically this hack will work on those that have retina displays.

  3. Well a while ago i got it to work on my iPod 4G, i also got it to work on the 3GS iOS 5 but i cant get it to work on my 4S iOS 6, i can hear the music play and everything but the screen remains black unless i unlock it or pull down the Notifications, i Tried this with Clannad and Tomoyo After, but its the same thing);

    Also, are you guys aware that Planetarian is on the App Store? I bought it yesterday (3.99) and i looked at the files, its the same type of thing, BGM,KOE,DAT BUT! they are in a .pck file, i think its compressed and i cant find a way to decompress it/compress a file from another game, that way we could like put clannad, take a look at the pics:

    • Hmm strange issue. Hardware- wise the 4S should be able to run it perfectly. I think it may be the iOS 6 that’s causing some issue. I’m not 100% sure though, I don’t have any iOS 6 devices.

      Wow, nice finds on the Planetarian hack! I bought it a few days after it was up on the Apple store; I’ll look into this. Thanks for the info!

      • Yeah take a look at the .PCK files, if we could put the clannad data in there it would be cool!

        Yeah I know, I’ll be trying it with other ups 6 devices althought it doesn’t even work on iPhone 5! The app closes without even launching…

        Also, do you know who has the source code for this? I would love to take it and update it

    • I’ve looked into the system directories and files, and so far it looks like transferring another game into it isn’t enough. The ipa file is likely designed for the iOS Planetarian port only.

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