Eve (Eroge’s valid equipment.) for Android

Check out Akiyuki’s latest program built for Android. It’s only in the beta stages and there’s no downloadable build yet, but it already looks promising so far. Check out the videos provided in here: http://akiyuki.boy.jp/eve/

Eve (Eroge’s valid equipment.) is an Android-only app that allows you to run old-school visual novels on your android device. Some of these visual novels supported are developed by companies such as Alicesoft, Leaf, and Key, among others. Even Onscripter is supported as well. Keep an eye on this one, I think it’s gonna turn out to be an amazing app.


2 responses to “Eve (Eroge’s valid equipment.) for Android

  1. Now that I have an android tablet, hoping to see this soon

    btw Sakamoto how you going havent seen you for a while

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