Key Visual Novels on iOS (the hard way)

This is the more tedious method to install xclannad, but it allows for more customisation.

What you need:

1. xclannad
2. A Key visual novel already installed to your PC (e.g. Clannad)
3. A jailbroken iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
4. i-FunBox (preferred method to transfer files from PC to iOS)
5. A terminal application on your iDevice or a SSH client (e.g. Putty)

How to install:

1 – Download and extract ‘xclannad for iPhoneOS 2.x.x JB (ARM) version 0.07hb low-mem’ and the app package file. The first file contains the xclannad executable, while the second file contains the package so that you can run the game from the Springboard menu.
In the folder where you extracted, open SDLAppParam.plist and edit the following line:




or wherever you would like to later place the Clannad game data. I would suggest placing it somewhere within the “/var/mobile” directory.
You can also rename the to whatever you want, i.e. You would want to if the game you plan to install isn’t Clannad, i.e. for Tomoyo After you could use 智代アフター.app.

2 – Connect your iDevice to your PC. Via i-FunBox, and transfer the newly created .app folder to your iDevice’s “Applications” directory.

3 – Create a folder in “var/mobile/Media” and name it “ons”. Then create another folder in “ons” and name it “Clannad”.

4 – Transfer all these folders from the game you want to play into “var/mobile/Media/ons/Clannad”:


5 – Transfer these files into the same directory as well:

default.ttf (You can use any font but make sure to rename it to default.ttf)

6 – Right-click your “clannad” folder and go to “Properties”. Enter ‘0777’ into the ‘Octal’ field and select ‘Set group, owner and permissions recursively’.

7 – Copy and its contents to the “/Application” folder on your phone. Don’t forget to copy the xclannad executable from the first archive into the folder as well; then setting the permissions of to ‘0755’ recursively.

8 – Open the terminal app in your iPhone or connect via an SSH client such as PuTTY. To obtain your iPhone’s IP, go into iPhone Settings >Wi-Fi networks > your wireless network.

Type the following commands:

$ su

(enter alpine for the password)

root# apt-get install ldid
root# ldid -S /Applications/
root# sysctl -w security.mac.proc_enforce=0 security.mac.vnode_enforce=0

Set root as the owner of

root# chown -R root:admin /Applications/

9 – Now safely remove your iDevice from you PC, restart or respring it and start playing!

For a more detailed tutorial, visit this link (credits to Maxim):


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