Key Visual Novels on iOS (the easy way)

What you need:

1.  xclannad (from
2.  A Key visual novel already installed to your PC (e.g. Clannad)
3.  A jailbroken iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
4.  i-FunBox (preferred method to transfer files from PC to iOS)
5. seen.txt, GAMEEXE.INI and default.tff

How to install:

1 – From your iDevice, Open Cydia and click on “Manage”

2 – Click on “Sources” and add this source:

3 – Click on “Search”, find and install xClannad.

4 – Open i-FunBox on your PC and connect your iDevice to it.

5 – Create a folder in “var/mobile/Media” and name it “ons”. Then create another folder in “ons” and name it “clannad”.

6 – Transfer all these folders from the game you want to play into “var/mobile/Media/ons/clannad”:


7 – Transfer these files into the same directory as well:

default.ttf (You can use any font but make sure to rename it to default.ttf)

8 – Now safely remove your iDevice from your PC and start playing!

Notes: So far I’ve tried playing Clannad and Little Busters! and they run prefectly well on my iPhone 3G. Little Busters would cause an error during the baseball mini-game, though.

Notes 2: Another way to install xclannad is to download the .deb package from here. Open i-FunBox on your PC and connect your iDevice to it. Then copy the Clannad.deb file into the “Cydia App Install” folder. Once done, safely unplug your iDevice, reboot and respring it. After that, just continue from step 4 onwards as described above.


69 responses to “Key Visual Novels on iOS (the easy way)

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  2. It apparently either:

    a) crashes at time and won’t work, or

    b) gets overpowered by the BGM. I suggest you leave the KOE folder out.

    If you still want to try though, add the KOE folder into the directory.

    LB Ex will work; they use the same file formats as the original LB.

  3. It crashes before the menu screen appears. I have tried leaving out the KOE folder but nothing changed. Any possible solutions? Thank you.

  4. I’m currently on IOS 4.2.1 on a 2G ipod and I’m pretty sure I have followed all the steps. I have tried with clannad(no voice) and it had worked but it did not with LBEX.

  5. xclannad crashes on my iPhone 3GS (iOS 5.0) as well. I’ve followed all instructions properly, and I can’t figure out why it’s going wrong.

  6. I have the same problem with dx8519 here, it crashes before the menu screen appears. Can anyone solve it?
    Btw, i’m using an iP 3g run iOS 3.1.3, so i dont think the firmware version is the problem here. Maybe LB ex cant be played with onScripter for some reasons?

  7. hi i was wondering if you can help me. i am running in iOS 5 and i got the game to run but for some reason the picture only shows up behind my notification bar….anyone else have this problem before?; 😦

  8. Using iPhone 4S IOS 5.1.1 the game will start in that the music will start to play but the screen will not update from the beginning black screen. I can lock/unlock the phone with the key and the screen will update but only each time I do so. Any help would be appreciated and thank you for your work.

  9. I’ve almost got Clannad to work on my jailbroken iphone 5.1.1, thanks to this tutorial, but the graphics don’t auto-refresh. It starts up, I hear the music, and if I slide down my drop-down-menu thing and slide it back up, the new graphics for that frame are there. I can start the game, save, load, etc, just not without a ton of sliding my quick menu xD

  10. I managed to get Clannad working on my iPod Touch 3G (5.1.1), but the problem is what ever font I use where the name would be says Unable to format text. At the moment it only seems like the names and the actual text is fine.

  11. hello . i find out the problem .
    you have a mistake in your instruction :
    “”5 – Create a folder in “var/mobile/Media” and name it “ons”. Then create another folder in “ons” and name it “Clannad”.””
    use the folder named “clannad” not “Clannad” .

  12. Hello, a late comment, I know, but I got Little Busters on it working JUST FINE, but one problem. Whenever I try to maximize xClannad, it freezes and doesn’t load. ANy ideas?

  13. I have a Jailbroken iPad 3 64GB and Clannad is running just fine on 5.1.1. Thank you! If anyone wants to run the game in full screen, look up either fullforce or retinapad. That should allow xclannad to run full screen!
    Today, I tried installing Tomoyo After with the Doki english patch, and the game starts and everything, but I get either no text on the screen or “unable to format text” error. I’m using the MS gothic font that Doki recommends. Any advice on what could be causing the problem?

    • I’ve had the same issue on my side, mainly the “no text” error. It might have to do with the way Tomoyo After is hacked and translated that is different from Clannad and LB.

  14. Excuse me, but I don’t understand the part with default.ttf. I seem to have all the files except default.ttf, so would you care to explain what it is and why I can’t find it?

  15. Sorry, i followed your introductions, and little busters EX works well until the part kyosuke said they’ll form little busters baseball team, the screen goes black and return to the home screen

    • The ios xclannad engine cannot run the baseball mini-game properly. There is a way to skip it, by just clicking when the minigame starts until the next scene is shown. However it only works half the time.

      • I fixed the OP problem, though. Anyway i’m stuck at the first baseball training. I tried clicking as crazy as possible but it’s still stuck at 19th ball. Is there any other solution ? Or i clicked wrong spot ? Thanks for your time

  16. Question : is it possible to delete some files (like the music or anything else) and to run the game ? I would like to play Rewrite from my Iphone but … it’s a iphone with 8 g only :/

    • Unfortunately you have to place all the files or else it’ll cause an error on missing files. Also don’t forget the default.ttf file too. Are you trying out the English-patched version?

      • Yep … but whatever … i can stop right now so :/ Thx for your quick answer Nyankamoto from Ny(an)chijou 😀

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      • dang. I mean I found a set of vns that were ported to psp nd they work great on mine. but I want other vns like harem party or lets meow meow ect.

  18. Oh I just realized I attempted this method using the Full Voice version of Clannad, maybe that’s why it didn’t worked for me 😦

    • Technically you can use any font and rename it as “default.ttf” to make it useable. Also, Clannad Full Voice Edition does not work with this. You need the original Clannad + Voice Patch instead.

  19. Similar problem to some of the folks above but I didn’t see a answer. I can get it running and select options no problem, but for each new frame I need to lock and unlock my phone. Kinda breaks the flow 😛

  20. Will the applications run even if there is no visual novel in the directory? I attempted to run both the Clannad and XClannad applications, and they crashed immediately. I’m running iOS 7.0.4 on an iPhone 5.

  21. hi the game managed to run but its slightly zoomed in which is abit annoying haha. do you know how to fix it? im suing iphone 4s running ios 7.1.2 thanks!

  22. Hi, I did all the steps that was said but xclannad just crashes.
    I put all the game file required but it’s not working.
    I’m using a iPad Air on ios 7.1

    P.s- if it’s not a hassle can you make a video to show people how to do this because I want to make sure I did all the steps

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