DVD Video-based Visual Novels on Android

What you need:

1. Any Android tablet/smartphone (non-rooted is fine)
2. Wondershare Player (free from Google Play market)
3. A DVD Video-based visual novel (e.g. AnimePlay stuff, such as Tea Society of a Witch)

How to install:

1 – Extract both “AUDIO_TS” and “VIDEO_TS” folders from your DVD. Place them inside one folder. You can name it anything.

2 – Transfer that folder to your Android device.

3 – Install and run Wondershare Player.

4 – Click on “Library”, then “Local”. It should detect and show whichever DVD Video you have in your Android Device. If not, just click the top right button and refresh.

5 – Click on the DVD Video you want to run and start playing!


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